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Intelligent Information Systems

Institutions and companies are aware that the data and information they generate are of high importance and thus store large volumes of information in different (partially redundant) information systems. The large amounts of structured and unstructured information produced in various industrial domains, and especially the World Wide Web, require intelligent strategies for analysis, semantic modeling, processing, retrieval, extraction, and integration of information.

In particular, the integration of systems and their processed information is a main requirement in interconnected and cooperative environments. Furthermore, methods for semantic integration based on ontologies and knowledge representation languages are of increasing importance.

Thus, intelligent information systems require concepts, methods, and tools for information and services provided in a machine-interpretable way. Not only intelligent information processing is an upcoming (research) topic, but also the issue of data and information quality in information systems is becoming increasingly important. Data quality covers both the correctness and relevance of data and also their reliability. In decision-making processes and business strategies the evaluation of data quality is an essential prerequisite.

In several projects the research group at the FAW institute deals with these topics in the field of intelligent information systems.

Intelligent Information Systems

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